2019 Controversial Life Of Akshara Singh With Pawan Singh

Akshara Singh is an Indian Bhojpuri Actress. Who act in Bhojpuri films. In the year 2011, she acted in the Bhojpuri film 'Pran Jai Par Vardan Na Jai', and started her film business.

Akshara Singh is a Bhojpuri film actress. Those born in Mumbai city. Apart from Bhojpuri films, she has also worked in Hindi television but she could not get fame there. Akshara started her career with Bhojpuri film "Satyamev Jayate". Which made him an overnight star. Akshara has acted in more than 50 films till now.

Akshara Singh Birth And Family

Akshara Singh was born on 30 August 1993 in Mumbai but she is originally from Patna, Bihar. His father's name is Bipin Indrajit Singh and mother's name is Neelima Singh. Akshara Singh's father Vipin Singh has also been a famous actor of Bhojpuri films. Apart from this, his mother Neelima Singh was also an actress. That is, acting is inherited in them. Akshara has been very fond of acting since childhood. He started doing theater work as a child. By the age of 16, she had mastered dance and acting.

Akshara Singh Bhojpuri Films Career

Akshara Singh started her film career with the 2010 Bhojpuri film 'Satyamev Jayate'. This film brought him into the limelight of Bhojpuri cinema. After doing this film, Akshara Singh did "Saugandh Ganga Maiya Ki", an action drama film in which Akshara received a lot of praise. In 2013, Akshara acted in 3 films Diler, Hum Hain Banke Bihari, A Balma Bihar Wala. After doing this film, she has appeared in dozens of Bhojpuri films. Of which Pawan Raja, Tridev, Dilwala, Dhadak, Satya are the main ones.

Akshara is one of the big actresses of Bhojpuri cinema today. There are millions of lovers of his beauty. After Monalisa, Sambhavna Seth and Amrapali Dubey, Akshara Singh is the name who has brought the Bhojpuri film industry to international level.

Apart from acting in films, Akshara Singh is also a good singer, crores of people have seen the song "Jis Pagle Ko Dil Se Chaha" sung by her. In films, his pairing with Pawan Singh is well liked. She is making a mark in Bhojpuri cinema with her acting, dance skills. Akshara charges Rs 5 to 8 lakhs for a film.

Akshara Singh Television Career

Apart from working in Bhojpuri films, in 2015, Akshara Singh stepped into the television world, she appeared in the show "Kala Teeka" on the GTV channel, her beauty was very much appreciated in this show. After which she also appeared in Sony channel's show "Suryaputra Karna". Akshara played Gulkand Ayodhya Prasad in the television show "Service Wali Bahu". But in the world of Hindi television, he never got the kind of fame that he got in Bhojpuri cinema.

Akshara Singh Affair With Pawan Singh

Akshara Singh has also had a connection with controversies. In Bhojpuri cinema, his pairing with Pawan Singh was well liked. But Akshara has accused Pawan Singh of assaulting her. According to him, Pawan grabbed his hair and dragged him and hit his head on the wall, giving dirty profanity.