Controversial Life Of Bhojpuri Actress Anara Gupta

Anara Gupta a name that rose above the controversies and till date the controversies did not leave them. Anara Gupta is active in Bhojpuri films these days. Anara, who has worked in South Indian films, came into the limelight when her sex CD hit the market. During that time he had to suffer many kinds of torture.

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The dream of becoming a heroine in Bollywood was so expensive that Miss Jammu fell into the trap of some people who, after fulfilling their meaning, pushed it into the vortex of infamy.

Anara Gupta This name came into the limelight about 13 years ago when a channel broadcast Anara's sex CD. When the police got a clue about this, to arrest their deficiencies, they arrested it. But the police got beaten up for getting interviews of TV channels in custody. The police arrested Anara after appearing in this CD and tried the case but the police could not locate the boy who was shown in the CD with it. It is said that he was the son of a powerful leader.

Miss Jammu, Anara Gupta was born on 29 August 1986 in Jammu. Anara Gupta acquired the title of Miss Jammu at the age of just 15. But after becoming Miss Jammu, Anara's life changed completely. His sex CD created sensation across the country. Even after coming to the CD market, Anara had said that there is no other person in this CD, but this fact was also proved in forensic investigation.

It has been 13 years for this CD scandal. In this case, Anara had to go to court for hearing. After the obscene CD of Anara came in 2004, the police there also arrested her. Anara and her mother proved their innocence after a long legal battle. After which the court was acquitted of all the charges leveled against Anara through the police.

Just three years later, a film was also made on this whole controversy, which was named 'Miss Anara'. But the audience did not like that film much.

The well-known actress of Bhojpuri films Anara Gupta had become popular before appearing in films, but she was negative rather than positive. His name sprang up after Anara's sex tape was release.

However, Anara is once again in discussions. Actually, after a long time taking a break from Bhojpuri films, she is making a comeback with a film named Milan Sanjog.

Anara was chosen as Miss Jammu in 2001, but after winning the title, in 2004 she was exposed to a sex tape, which was shown on many TV stations. Due to this, Anara came into the limelight overnight. Due to pornography being illegal in the country, Anara was arrested along with her mother and 3 brothers for this tape. Anara was kept in custody for 10 days. At the same time, she came in front of the media.

The video was subjected to a forensic examination in Hyderabad, stating that the girl seen in the video was not anara, while investigations in Chandigarh led to the opposite results. In 2005, this case was closed by the Jammu and Kashmir High Court, which was later got reopened in 2006 by a social worker. 

According to the news, Anara stepped into films in 2005. She acted in the film Miss Anara on her own life, produced by KK Yadav. The film was released in 2007, but did not achieve much success. When she was not successful in Bollywood, Anara turned to Bhojpuri films. He appeared in films like Humsekhar Kaun, Ram Lakhan, Last Tandava. Anara gave hot scenes in these films.

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