Manoj Tiwari Also Knows As Film Star & Leader Of Bjp

Manoj Tiwari was born in 1973 in Atarwalia, a small village in Bihar. He is also an Indian singer, actor, music director and television presenter, who works primarily for the Bhojpuri film industry. Manoj Tiwari gave the Bhojpuri film a new identity in the entire country with his debut film 'Sasura Bada Paisawala'. Apart from this, the biggest thing in them is that if they go anywhere, they entertain people in Bhojpuri color and people love them equally.

Manoj Tiwari  Filmy Carrier

Before acting in films, Manoj Tiwari made a different position in singing for about 10 years and in 2003 he starred in the superhit film "Sasura Bada Paisa Wala" which did record breaking business at that time. According to the BBC, the production cost of the film was Karim $ 65,000 while it earned a profit of around $ 3 million. According to Manoj Tiwari, because Bhojpuri films are made on a low budget, hence bipartisan dialogues are used in Bhojpuri films to earn more profits. But this film by Manoj Tiwari destroyed all records because it was completely a family film, in which family responsibilities were taken care of completely.

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Apart from this, Manoj Tiwari also took part in the famous television reality show Bigg Boss in which the audience also liked him very much. But despite walking in the field of acting in films, Manoj Tiwari never separated himself from music and from time to time also kept releasing his new albums. The popularity of Manoj Tiwari is that Bollywood's famous director Anurag Kashyap in his film "Gangs of Wasseypur" also got his famous song "Jiya Ho Bihar Ke Lala Jiya Tum Thousand Sal" from Manoj Tiwari.

Manoj Tiwari's Bhojpuri Film

ससुरा बड़ा पैसावाला

बंधन टूटे ना

दरोगा बाबु आई लव यू

दामाद जी


देहाती बाबु

 नैहर के मारो पिया के चुनारी

मर्द .1



इंटरनेशनल दरोगा

तू हमार हउ,

 गोबर सिंह

भैया हमार बार दयाबान

धरती कहे पुकार के




गंगा, जमुना, सरस्वती,

 दरोगा जी चोरी होगेल

राजा ठाकुर 

Manoj Tiwari's Personal Life

Manoj Tiwari worked as a Bhojpuri singer for almost ten years before working in films. In 2003, he acted in the film 'Sasura Bada Paisa Wala' which proved to be a very successful film in entertainment and financial terms and it was believed that the new twist of Bhojpuri films has started. After this he acted in two more films 'Daroga Babu I Love You' and 'Bandhan Toote Na'. Manoj Tiwari acted as a host in a television program 'Chak De Bachcha'. In 2010, Manoj Tiwari participated in the reality show 'Bigg Boss' as a contestant. Manoj Tiwari and Shweta Tiwari have worked together in the films 'Kab Aibu Anganwa Hamar' and Manoj Tiwari's. In the middle of 2011, Manoj and his wife Rani got separated. Manoj Tiwari continues to create new tunes, songs and albums. He also sang a popular song 'Jiya Ho Bihar Ke Lala' for the film 'Gangs of Wasseypur' directed by Anurag Kashyap. Manoj Tiwari was active in anti-corruption movement and Anna movement started by Baba Ramdev in 2011. In 2009, Manoj Tiwari tried his future in politics on behalf of Samajwadi Party but was unsuccessful. At present, Tiwari is active in politics on behalf of BJP and is a Member of Parliament from North-East Delhi.

Manoj Tiwari's Married Life

Manoj Tiwari married Rani Tiwari in 1999 and both of these couples have a daughter. After that both of them got divorced in the year 2012. There have been many ups and downs in Manoj Tiwari's life, but he crossed every path and moved forward and today he is the emperor of Bhojpuri film.

Manoj Tiwari's Affair

His ex-wife Rani was very angry with him because he felt that Shweta Tiwari had an affair with him during Bigg Boss 4.

In 2016, he came into controversy when he called him a "traitor" over Aamir's intolerant statement, but Manoj later clarified that he had not said anything about Aamir Khan.

Manoj Tiwari's  Interesting Information

Manoj Tiwari is one of the biggest superstars of Bhojpuri cinema.

In 2009, he contested from the Samajwadi Party, but in the 2014 general election, he contested from the Bharatiya Janata Party, defeating JP Aggarwal of the Congress to win the Lok Sabha seat of North East Delhi.

In the year 2010, she participated in Bigg Boss 4.

He sang the song "Tremendous Fan" in the Bhojpuri version for Shah Rukh Khan's film Fan.