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Neha shree is an Bhojpuri Actress and most Talented  actress and Producer. She was birthplaces of  16 September 1989 in New Delhi, India. She was starting acting career with Bhojpuri Movie 'Sajan Chale Sasural' (2011).

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Neha Shree, a well-known actress in Bhojpuri films, wants to romance Bollywood's King of Romance with Shah Rukh Khan on the silver screen. Neha, who has shown her talent in many Bhojpuri films like Saajan Chale Sasural, Ladla, Sajna Mangia Dzaaye De Hamar, Barsaat, Tridev, came here today at the muhurat of her upcoming Bhojpuri films 'Mehndiin Tohar Naam Ke' and 'Mohabbat Meetha Lagela' was.

Talking about the film, Neha Shri said, "Both my films are completely family and I have acted with Manohar Singh. There has been a lot of vulgarity in Bhojpuri cinema films these days, but my films are going to be very much liked by the viewers and this will make the viewers feel connected. '

The Bhojpuri actress said, 'It has been my dream to work in a Bollywood film. I like Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan's films very much. Shah Rukh is King Khan of Bollywood, King of Romance

Which actress would not like to romance with Shahrukh. It is my dream to romance her on the silver screen. I like Salman's films very much. Salman has worked in films of every genre but he excels in action films.

 I want to work with him in an action oriented film. Neha Shri is a big name of Bhojpuri today. Neha has earned a name in Rajasthani films before entering Bhojpuri cinema. She is a well-known Rajasthani actress. In the film 'Bhanwari', Neha was awarded the Best Actress Award for her tremendous acting. After becoming famous in Rajasthani films, he turned to Bhojpuri films.
Singer-turned-actor Manohar Singh is going to start his career in Bhojpuri cinema with this film. 

Manohar Singh, who considers Ravi Kishan as his idol, said that the story of 'Mehendi Tohar Naam' and 'Mohabbat Meetha Lagela' will be successful in keeping people entertained as the script is well balanced. 

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